Departure at last!

Tomorrow, Friday July 17th at 10.00 I plan to leave Lomma harbour. The weather forcast is not ideal, but later it will be worse, so I’m off!

Most big things are fixed and the smaller issues will have to be done on the way…

3 responses to “Departure at last!

  1. At least the big day is here. Unfortunately I can not be in Lomma to see you take off. Duty before pleasure…..
    Let’s hope you don’t get to many CR:s during the trip, I believe you have planned project very good.

  2. Thought i’d leave a little something here on the departure day. I guess it’s for good luck.

    My dad is gone,
    but not gone for long.
    Merely on a trip,
    to ride with the winds to the carribean islands,
    with his worthy ship.

    On this day of July,
    as I look to the sky,
    Not a worthy good-bye,

    Though my wishes for the times to come,
    My very own pirate
    Just cut out the rum

    My dad is gone,
    but not gone for long
    I will see you soon,
    On the gleaming lagoon

    I wrote it and it’s just for you, and I think it’s appropriate for the big day. I will also see you sooner than the lagoon, although it makes kinda sence…

  3. Rune Nilsson

    Hej Magnus!
    Åkte tyvärr till nya hamnen i Lomma idag men fick i alla fall en skymt av Dej på väg mot piren.
    Hoppas vädret blir lika bra hela vägen. Lycka till på resan!

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