Ahhh – Majorca at last!

After a few days in Port Napoleon, France, I felt I had the boat in a condition, good enough to try some sailing. The weather prediction was for winds from the east, so I decided to go directly to Majorca. This would take 2 days, if the winds were good (and the engine would help me if they were not). I filled up with diesel in Port st Louise and left after lunch.

Getting to the sea means a long detour around some sand banks and it took two hours before I was off the mouth of the Rhone and could head for the destination. The winds were indeed weak, so I used the engine. The sea had some rollers and waves from SE, while the wind was from S., so I got a bumpy ride…

The first night, I had almost always at least one ships lights in sight. I took 20 minute naps and popped up to see where the ships were. I configured the autopilot and got it to successfully steer when motoring. Later I tried the radar and successfully set up a guardian zone. This made the watch easier. I did send a SPOT message after the first night, but this did not appear to have worked… Anyway, I was some 100 miles from France and 25 miles off the Spanish coast.

DSC01246 Nice sunrise…

During the second day, the wind was weak, but from NE, so I did a number of hours sailing. The wind vane steered the boat. Late afternoon, the wind died away, and I started the engine again. This night, I tried to sleep as much as possible, just popping up to check every half hour. Twice, the radar found real ships in my guardian zone (lots of false echoes too…). I sat up to make sure the two ships would not come to close to me (1/2 hour each time).

The second morning found me some 30 miles off Majorca:


I could see the mountains in the distance, but it took me another 6 hours to get close.

DSC01248 Cape de Fermentor

I sailed into Port de Pollensa and went to the tank station to fill up diesel. 70 liters used in 2 days…. There are free bouys further out and free anchoring close to the port, so I tried the latter. Anchored in 3m of clear water, outside a warm beach is like an instance of the paradise! I will stay here for a few days, to relax and fix some things.




DSC01250 (check out the fish!)

2 responses to “Ahhh – Majorca at last!

  1. Hi Mr MaxiMagnus..
    Nice reading. Good that your are back on the timetable..Enjoy Majorca..

    So you took the truckway as a said wery early..
    Channels are still there for next tripp..
    Greatings from SSRS Stationen in Lomma

    Kind regards/Lars Jörnvi

  2. Mallorca seems to be a nice place. Do you recommend for mine long vaccation as well 🙂

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