Gibraltar strait – end of phase 2

On Thursday, I got up at 4 am to catch the low tide, so that I would have the current with me through Gibraltar strait. There was no wind.  As I went out of the harbour, the ships at anchor were lit up like Christmas trees… There were a lot of ships in the strait too, but at night, they are well visible. It was cold and I had to dig out my jacket…

My current calculations proved wrong (I later talked with some other people that had done the same mistake) and instead of 1,5 knots with me, I had 1,5 knots against me (doing 3,5 instead of expected 6.5). After rounding Tarifa, the current decreased though, so it was only for 2-3 hours out of 8.

When the sun came up, it was a very nice day. I arrived in Barbate a little after 12 and got a very well protected place:,-5.93455&ll=36.1856,-5.93455&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1

There is a very nice national park to the west of the harbour (towards cape Trafalgar) and I decided to stay another day to take a walk there.

The area was very nice, with cliffs and a pine forrest behind it.


Arriving in Barbate means that I have left the Medeterranean and is now in the Atlantic. So, phase 2 can be said to be finished.

The weather forecast shows a low pressure close to the Canary islands, producing southerly winds (up to 20 m/s), so I will stay on the Spanish west coast wor a few days…

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