Blogging from the Atlantic 2

Result of the first week: Day distances of about 100 miles. With this speed it will take a while to reach Barbados (I have 1960M left now to go there…). Winds are weak (5-7m/s) and there are not much waves.
What do I do all day? My routine looks like this: I get up around 9, eat breakfast and drink coffee. I may change the sails, like today, when I hoisted my light wind genoa. Then I read or rest a little until 11.30, when I talk to people in Sweden and Caribbean on short wave. I note the position at 1200 and some days I take out my sextant to measure the sun at the meridian passage. This takes about an hour, since I do lots (<20) measurements in order to get a good average. The results so far has been pretty good, compared to the GPS position…
Later, I do lunch. This takes an hour too and then I rest or read. When the sun goes down I do supper and when it gets dark, I go into sleep mode, i.e. I sleep and get up every 20-30 minutes to look around.

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