The lonley oceans? No, its crowded out her!

I have read that it is very rare that you meet ships or other boats on the crossing. Even during the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) with 220 contestants and maybe 200 other yachts starting simultaneously, meetings in mid-ocean are rare.

I saw some lights and heard talks on VHF, but thought it was local(!) fishermen. I was then passed by one sailboat in the night. They did not respond do my VHF call. The next day another sail boat passed and I called them. It turned out that this was a support boat for 5-6 row boats(!) that were nearby. These were the “fishermen” that I had seen. Later I heard the sailboat talk to one of the row boats, that was about 2 miles from me. I saw their lights throughout most of the night. I did some 5 knots at the time, so they must have been rowing hard…

I had good wind for a while and passed 1000 miles out of Las Palmas, but now it is back to weak winds…

One response to “The lonley oceans? No, its crowded out her!

  1. Fredrik Björk

    Hoppas att vindarna ökar lite och att de blir stabila, ensamt och tråkigt om det tar för lång tid till du får land i sikte. Var rädd om dig.


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