Slow progress…

Well, as I suspected, mother nature did have some more surprises in stock… This time in the form of calms and light winds. I am doing day averages of about 80-90 nautical miles, i.e. a little over 3 knots in average. I have 570 M left to Antigua, so it will probably mean another week on the water.

Someone said it may be that the Azores high has moved south this year and if so, this is the kind of weather you can expect if you go too far north (in normal conditions…).

Anyway, I try to take one day at a time. I have plenty of food and water, only the fruit and vegetables have run out. The rolling can drive you nuts, so I long for a quiet harbor.

One response to “Slow progress…

  1. Bertil Björklund


    Trevligt att du återigen syns på/med SPOT, det var några
    “blanka” dagar.

    Lycka till!

    Hälsningar från
    paret på kajen i Funchal med Monsun, Europa runt i vänstervarv.

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