30 days and counting…

Well, there seems no end to the obstacles during this trip. On day 28, I had a full day of calm and when the wind came, it soon veered to the West! I spent the day yesterday on a NW course, with limited mileage towards the goal. Basically, 2 days more lost… Last night the wind decreased and we had very light winds during the morning. Hopefully the NE trade wind will now return, as promised…

I have still 320 M to go. It sounds like a walk in the park, but it is like Gothemburg to Scotland… With good winds it should take less than 3 days.

Yesterday, I heard about a volcanic eruption at Montserrat, causing ash rain over a great area. Boats on Guadelope were covered in a 3 mm layer of ash… I hope it will not continue, since I am going into the area. Normally, the winds should blow the ash west.

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