On Guadelupe

I wanted to do a nightsail down towards Martinique, and had identified the marina in Basse-Terre as a good place to stop. I set out from Antigua, but the course was right into the wind, which was S 10 m/s. I  had seen an island, that I assumed was Guadelope, but it was Monserrat, so the course was quite different…. Anyway, I tacked throughout the night and the wind decreased to almost nothing in the morning. I heard on the SSB net that the marina was no good and that I should go to Deshaies instead. The wind came back at 10 m/s, so I spent most of the day to reach harbour. Almost 24 hours to sail 45 miles!


Well, deshaies is a small village in a bay. Very easy going and nice! I met the Swedish boat Mayflower and spent some time with them. Clearance was done at the internet cafe on a computer. I have been here 2 days now and plan to continue south. There is no wind now, so I guess I will have to use the engine….

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