Night sail to Martinique

From Les Saints to Martinique it is about 80 miles, too long for a day sail. I did not want to stop at Dominica, so a nigh sail was needed. I set out after lunch and had a good wind. However, it came from about120 degrees, so I could just make the lee side of Dominica. (passing on the wind side was otherwise an option in order to get more wind…)

When I got close to Dominica, the wind indeed died and I used the  engine to pass most of the island. Around midnight, I was close to the southern end of Dominica and there was again some wind, so I set sail again an started my sleep periods. Several ships set of f the radar alarm during the night, so there was limited sleep.

During the SSB net conversation in the morning, I found that I was very close to the Swedish boat Unicorn (on their way north) and I could indeed see them some distance away.

The wind picked up (to around 10 m/s)  and I had a good sail down the Martinique coast. When the wind turned against me I started the engine to help get into harbour. I anchored in the Anse Mitan bay, across the bay from Fort-de-France, and went to clear in. Luckily the French have a computerised system, so this process is smooth. According to the guide book, this is THE tourist part of Martinique, but it is rather worn down and the mighty Meridien hotel is just an empty skeleton!,-61.05594&ll=14.55371,-61.05594&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1

Some pictures from Forte de France:

One response to “Night sail to Martinique

  1. Hoppas allt flyter på bra! Här hemma i Sverige är det också gott om vatten, om så i frusen och smältande form…:o)

    Segla lugnt!

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