Le Marin – a natural harbour and big marina..

The wind has been turning towards south and this causes swell to enter the St Anne anchorage. The result is that all boats roll and this is not very comfortable. I am also a bit nervous to get a place in the marina in order to wash off the salt before my delivery crew comes on Wednesday.

So, I moved into Le Marin, which is a big natural, hurricane-safe harbour. I am currently anchored here:


I went to the harbour office to ask for a place and was told to come back Tuesday. Let’s see if it works… I have booked a rented car in order to pick my crew up at the airport. I have also looked around for the different food shops and boat part ships, that are here.

The area is the center for a number of companies that rents out boats. I have never seen so many boats in one place.  There are also some Swedish boats – Northern Light is one of them.

The last couple of days, the wind has been strong from the south during the day, but the nights have been calm. Is is a strange feeling to get up in the middle of the night and look at all the bouts around and all the stars above. Almost dreamlike…

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