My delivery crew has arrived!

I have decided not to sail the boat back to Seden. In order to get the boat back, I have investigated a lot of different alternatives… (Selling it in the carribean area, Shipping it back, hiring a crew and trading cruising time for delivery).

For the last alternative, I found a crew that are willing to sail the boat back to Sweden in return for some time to cruise the carribean.

In order for them to learn the boat, we will sail together for a week before I fly home.

The crew has started their own blog for the trip. Check it out at:

They arrived in Martinique on March 10. I was able to get a place in the marina, so we could load the luggage directly onto the boat and did not have to use the dinghy.,-60.86638&ll=14.46826,-60.86638&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1

It was difficult to get a place and the marine was a difficult to communicate with. I got no confirmation, but was tolt to check on VHF now and then. Finally, I got the place just an hour before I hade to go to the airport. The marina people helped me to moor and I had time for a quick wash off of the boat with fresh water, before getting into the rented car.

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