Night sail to Bequia

When my crew had arrived, we spent the first morning to bying supplies for a week and then checking out of Martinique. We tried to stow all the luggage as best we could and, after refuelling, we set sail for Bequia (thus bypassing both St Lucia and St Vincent).

A stop outside the harbour allowed a quick dive into the sea and then we were off. The wind was SE as usual, so the course was on the wind. The speed was not great, but the sea was not very rough, so it was a good sail.

The french Marines came with a low flying helicopter to check us out on the way. After sunset the wind died down so we started the engine and used that for most of the night. It was a beautiful night with warm air and lots of stars. There were also a lot of other boats out, so vigilance and a good look at the radar screen was needed.

The going was good during the night so by daybreak we were approaching Bequia. The crew saw a whale jumping. We took a mooring in the harbour:,-61.23844&ll=13.00854,-61.23844&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1

Clearing in into St Vincent and the Grenadines was a lot of paperwork and some fees… but then we went to the fruit market and bought a big bag full of different fruit (expensive, but…)

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