Back to Bequia (the system dropped this post…)

The round trip of the Grenadines ended with our return to Bequia. Since we had been there before, we knew the procedure and anchored this time a bit further out in the bay. The wind was strong so the boat veered back and forth, but we had the anchor securely dug into the sand (there is an advantage to have divers in the crew!),-61.24058&ll=13.00618,-61.24058&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1

We went for a walk in the village, looking for bread, but there was none, so we bought some local ruhm instead. Bread would be available in the morning.

Preparing breakfast the next morning, the first boat boys approached the boat. We bought water from one and bread from the other. It was not cheap, but it saved us the dinghy trip into the village.

After breakfast, we, the creaw prepared the boat, while the captain toook the dinghy and went to clear out. This procedure was reasoanably quick so before lunch we were under sail towards Martinique (night sail again).

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