14 changes to the rig

I have ordered a new set of wires, including an extra, inner forestay and insulated back stay.


The baby stay is replaced by front lower shrouds. I added supports for these at equal distance and the rupport bar (it was difficult to drill through the stainless steel inslide the bar…) The is no particular support undernieth – the existing support should be enough.


The mast support was next. A crack and a “bulb” was showing and needed investigation.


Here they are visible. I have started to saw up the support…


The top opened. The crack on the outside corresponded by several internal cracks.


Digging deeper. The main crack appears to down to the keel.


This is as far as I went.


Detailed picture. Now the work to fill the hole started. I first poured in pure epoxy to fill the cracks, then filled with thickened epoxy.


After filling part, I added some 10 layers of glass fibre, then filled up some more, then added maybe 20 layers of glass fibre.


After filling sosme more with thickened epoxy, I placed the mast support in place, taped all seams and fille epoxy to cast a solid support. (I hade a piece of cable in the draining hole to create the draining channel, which is visible here)


The mast support in the early models were too thin and gave in, causing several dismastings in the late 70’s. I was naturally under the impression the the mast support in my boat was the upgraded model, so I got a shock what I fount the it was indeed not replaced! Anyway, I got a square stainless beam welded into the support and added a bigger bottom part to take the strain.


Here the top part can be seen. The top plate will be pushed down onto the original mast support, but the square beam will take most of the strain.


While ordering stainless stuff, I also ordered a plate to go under the mast…



The mast got an extra set of key holes. (I ordererd a new set of rigging wires and all the key holes hade to be replaced, since the old fittings was not available any more….)

I also replaces the halyards from wire to dynema. I also added a second set of halyards – both fore and aft – so I have 4 halyards at the mast head.

I bought a new boom. I wanted internal reef lines and above all a longer boom, since I have a spare sail which is longer than the original. Now I have an Isomat 4m boom mounted fixed on the mast.


The 0,5 m longer boom fits well on the boat.



Inner forestay

I also added a loose inner forestay. This has a pelican hook and a bottlescrew to allow tightening up the stay, which supports a storm jib. The anchor whinch is in the way for a suitable fitting on the deck, so I added a piece of wire to connect the forestay to.



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