02 Propeller bearing

My boat has a propeller bearing that takes the pressure from the propeller, and also allows the diesel engine to move a little.

The bearing was mounted on a separate bulkhead placed some 15cm in front of the existing divider. There was no holes for water to escape, once it came in between the two bulkheads, so there was a lot of water there! Also, the salt water had taken most of the paint of the bearing…


I took the bearing home to paint it and change the rubber cover, which had a hole.

I then drilled a hole  through both the original bulkhead and the new one. I put a hose in before filling the cavity with epoxy.


The end result:


As was desribed in the section on new diesel engine, I had to move the bearing up and forward, but I could fasten the moved bulkhead to the front of this one, so it is still a steady construction… Also, any water that comes from the front part, will flow through the hose to the aft part, where the pumps are.


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