05 halyards to the cockpit

Since I sail mostly alone, it was a hassle to need to go on deck to raise the sails. I wanted to be able to do most of the work from the cockpit.

Now, I have a windshield that was fastened to the deck, so this had to be raised in order to allow the lines to go under it. I dismounted this first so that I could make templates for the teak planks that would go beneith it.

I bought teak, 22×120 so that I could cut the curved planks.


The pieces were glued on using sikaflex. The wind shield have been fastened only by screws, but I wanted to add bolts with washers on the under side. The holes were drilled once everything could be put in place on top of the new teak.



Since the deck is a sandwich construction, the fittings cannot be bolted through without strengthening the deck. I used a hole saw to drill bigger holes from below, which were filled with plastic padding.


The fittings were mounted on top of  a rubber mat and with pelnty of sikaflex to make it water tight.


I put 5 sheet locks on either side, but should have put more… Everuthing works fine, once you start, you want to have more lines…. See also stainless steel plate that goes under the mast step support in section 14.


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