04 Magnifik Midget

After a long break, I bought a Magnifik Midget in 1991. The boat was fun to sail after so long time on dry land, but it was a bit small for serious voyaging….. I had it only one season.

S/Y Ann,

loa 7.00m

beam 2.12m


3 responses to “04 Magnifik Midget

  1. adam kingdon

    Hi Magnus, hej pe dej ! My Swedish is very limited. Regarding the Magnifik Midget I am told one of the designers is a “Sonderburg” or “Soderburg” I have purchased a 1976 version it’s called an “Iona 23” but I really want to verify the date of build ? Where they were built etc, as I would like to make a website dedicated to the Iona 23, I am told the hull is the same and possibly made by Banhams of Cambridge UK. If you can help me in any way I would be most grateful. Tac. hej dor ! Adam Kingdon.

    • Hi Adam,
      I’m just about to purchase a Magnifik 23 and should be looking foward to sailing next summer, I have been told they were built by Tyler in the UK, a very good company. Really nice shape to the hull very folk boat like in shape. hope this helps.

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