05 repairs spring 2002

… The work goes on!

I have started to rebuild the cockpit. I have shortened the floor 30 cm, and am mounting the beams to support the Bridge deck. See pictures below:

The new beams can be seen. I moved the floor beam one frame aft. (=30 cm)

I also cut one beam to get better access to the engine.

I have oiled the boat from the cockpit and forward. Around 35 litres of raw linseed oil have gone in, and more seems to be needed (every time I come there, the hull is dry as bone – only a few frames are shiny, and may have received enough).

I removed the planks joining the cabin and deck. Both the planks in the cabin and in the cockpit were removed. They were all in  bad shape. I have cut out some parts that were rotten through and glued in new pieces. I have also scraped out all soft wood and filled up with epoxy. If water comes in there in the future it will follow the planks and drip off the bottom, rather than being sucked in to the wood.

They are now ready to be put back. I have put lin seed oil on the inside face.

After each layer of oil, the hull is shiny.

In the cockpit, I have made new planks (I put epoxy and glass fibre on the back as a precaution…)

I have cut out templates for the cabin bulkhead. I now need plywood to make the real thing and start putting the cockpit together.

The engine came out at last! I can now access the hull where the engine was, clean it out and put oil on.

Engine ready to be sold…

An unpleasant surprise. By the propeller shaft, the planks were replaced by two sheets of plywood! These were rotten and removing them, the glass fibre hull shows up (this is some 6-7 mm thick though…)

I have removed the propeller shaft and can remove the rotten wood…

I have started to assemble the cockpit, finally!

first put the new cabin bulkhead in place

The cockpit sides, footwell and bridge deck is in place (the bridge deck plywood needs to be trimmed and mahogany plywood will go on top).

Cockpit towards aft. The beam with the steering wheel earlier divided the cockpit. Side seats/hatches are still missing

The frames for the hatches and the missing pieces are now mounted

Another view, where the new propeller shaft is visible…

The shaft goes to the electric engine! (From OZ ecodrive )

I am fixing the new propeller shaft with epoxy, strengthening the hull where the rotted plywood was on the inside (there was ~4 mm thickness, I am adding 2-3 mm)

a close-up on the epoxied area. (after 4 layers. A few more are needed…)


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