06 Launching 2002

June 8th, 2002 was the big day, when STOUT came out of the shed…..

With newly painted bottom, she came out in the morning sun…

..drawn by a vintage lorry, which also shared the shed

Long and winding roads…

…led to the water.

Slowly she was lifted into the water.

A short trip to her mooring, and there she is, dusty, but floating like a swan!

Since I have removed the engine, which wheighted some 200+ kilos, and a few hundred kilos of iron bars (ballast) I knew she would float higher than last year. I therefore lowered the waterline 10-15 cm. Even so, she still floats high…

The engine control for the electric engine is not mounted, but the engine was connected directly to the battery using jump-start cables… worked fine.

Midsummer day (June 22):

Both masts rigged, The engine control mounted (the 12 new batteries stowed in the fore peak, but not connected yet – using two car batteries at the moment…) we set sail for the first time this season. The new layout of the cockpit works fine – including the wheel facing backwards…

The cockpit has received a few layers of white paint and varnish (the cabin roof and sides also needs varnishíng). The trim on the cabin bulkhead is not there yet.

The 2002 season was VERY good, and I did a lot of sailing. I only occasionally brought the camera though…

I did some experiments with a top sail. (I took the old jib and cut off a piece)

The top sail yard is a wooden beam I had lying around…

sometimes the sailing was good.

sometimes there was almost no wind at all… (Malmö skyline is visible, the big crane was being dismounted…)


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