08 Repair winter 2003

The big job this time was to recaulk the roof top. I also planned to do some interior work.

First thing I did was to build a proper staircase! No more climbing a dangerous ladder

The recaulking of the roof top was a long job. To get the old rubber out took a lot of time. It took 13 cans (310 ml) of Sikaflex to fill it again. Then a lot of sanding (not too even, I am afraid…) and then 6 layers of varnish.

The photos are taken after 4 layers.

I mounted the stanctions (in epoxy) and also mounted a pair of support blocks  for future winches…

Inside, I made a bulkhead between the cabin and the cockpit storage (and the engine room).

I changed the fore peak berth to a double berth and started the dinette. The table and the aft bench are missing still.


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