12 Repair winter 2005

During the winter of 2005/2006, progress is also slow…

The fridge being tested in the galley. it has 7-8 cm isolation between the inner and outer boxes.

Another view. The front has a panel with solid wood around.

Where the cupboard under the sink will go was an old water inlet. I removed the fawcet, which was bolted from the outside with 3 bolts. To get the bolts out, I cut away a piece of the glass fibre hull (see below right). The center hole and the 3 bolt holes was filled by pieces of oak. Oak pieces were glued from the outside.

They were tapped in tight and thus protruded on the inside…

When the glue set, the excess wood was cut away and the hole laminated with 5-6 layers of glass fibre.

The piece I cut away is 5 mm thick! This is not a wooden boat with a sheet of glass fibre, this is a GRP boat with a wooden boat inside!

Two of the frames has cracks and supporting timbers were glued on before the galley makes it difficult to access. The support piece ends are cut in a bevel, so avoid points of stress…

The right hand side cupboard is in place. The foot pump is still missing as is, of course the top….

Now the top is in place and the stove (including microwave oven….) is in place. The sink and tap is only put in place, not finally monted. The hatck to the cooler lacks the handle.

Behind and under the stove, there is place for another cupboard…

Behind the galley there is place for stowage. This is still to be finished. A pair of sliding roors will cover be placed at the end of the bench top.


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