13 Repair winter 2006

During the winter of 2006/2007, more work on the galley and the installation of a diesel engine to replace the electric engine.

I have built a pair of sliding doors to fit behind the galley counter.

I am working on a hatch behind the stove and a shelf under the stove (a hatch in the front will turn this into a cupboard later.

I am removing the electric engine (I will use this on my next boat). Instead I am installing a Yanmar 2QM15G diesel engine.  I removed the gear box from the engine and made a mock up of the engine mounts so that I could work on the space needed for the engine.

Looking down the cockpit hatch

I have run the engine outside the boat.

The propeller is a large 3 bladed. I plan to use an Aquadrive shaft bearing to reduce engine noise.

The engine was lifted onto the boat using a tractor, but we could not lower it into the engine bay. I built a support and lowered it myself.

Another view

Finally, the engine sits snugly on its new engine bed! It protrouds a bit into the cabin, so a box needs to be built around it.

Still plenty of room for mechanical work when  accessing from the cockpit side..

The engine sits on a framework, which is mounted on rubber mounts in order to limit vibrations

Also plenty of space to the tank and sea water cock.

The diesel tank fits perfectly under the cockpit stowage, an area that was not used at all before.

The diesel outlet (right hand side) can be shut off for safety. There is also a tap for water that collects in the bottom of the tank.

The drive train is mounted with a cardan axle whick makes the engine positioning less critical. The shaft bearing also releaves the engine of the propeller thrust, so there should be less noise from the engine now.

The controls are in place, but not yet connected to the wires.

The stern tube is glued and laminated to the hull. The axle needs to be shortened a bit…


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