Kiel to Lomma in a day and a half

Outside the Kiel bay, we hoisted sail, but the wind was still weak and we kept the engine running. The first waypoint was the island of Fehmarn and we changed course to go inside the island in order to see more in the sound.

We passed under the bridge and gout out into the shipping lane as the sun went down in a nice sunset.

When the sun was gone, the wind picked up and we started to sail. The speed was good and the wind vane steered the boat. There were lots of ships around as we approached the Gedser peninsula. We passed at 0230 and got a good reach up towards Mön.

We passed the Mön klint in the morning and the white cliffs were beautiful in the morning light.

Later, the wind died down and we started the engine again. Outside Copehagen, a big thunderstorm gave some rain, but not much wind. The storm dissapeared over Malmö and the sky cleared.

Outside Lomma, we prepared all the national flags of countries the yacht had visited (I had not been in all of them…) and also the set of signal flags that we hoisted over the top of the boat.

My family was there to greet us and Urban had a friend from Malmö to greet him.

My place was free and we glided to a halt and that was the end of a looooong trip! Matilda was home!


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