06 Moving the shark fin

A common problem on Maxi 95 is that when  you have a wind shield, the space between the wind shield and the shark fin is very narrow. The Swedish Maxi 95 club have published a drawing of a stainless steel fitting that allows you to move the front end of the fin some 10cm out. (The fitting can be seen on the last picture in section 5….)

On the port side, there was no problem to add this, but on the starboard side I had a ventilator from the toilet that was in the way.


This was leaking, and I had thought of replacing it. Now I had to do something about it! I decided to remove the ventilator and close the hole with epoxi and glass fibre.


I made a smaller piece first, then fastened this to the hole and taped all the seams, so that I could fasten it from the outside. Then I could also put epoxi and glass fibre on the inside.


Now that work on the shark fin could continue.


The final result can be seen here. There is much more space now, so passing the wind shield to the cockpit is no big problem anymore.


The aft part kept hanging in the air, but finally I got round to fixing it. I put pieces of threaded steel with nuts on the top and against the deck side and then casted it all in epoxi. I used a plastic bottle as a frame (I cut it to fit the deck and taped around. After a coat of paint it now looks like this:



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