09 Repair winter 2004

During the winter of 2004/1005, I have plans to rebuild the interior. However, there is never as much time as required, so progress is slow…

Starbord side, where the aft bench of the dinette will go in.

Same place, from another angle. The existing bulkhead will be taken away.

The forward bench of the dinette. It lacks some trimming still…

Now the bench is in place. The front is being glued to the bottom, to form a drawer…

Another view.

The port berth without its panel. There is a cupboard above that I am varnishing at home too. The scarf between deck and cabin top has been filled with glue and will be covered by mahogany planks.

I varnished the cabin roof and painted white under the side decks….

The interior is covered by plastic….

The panel for the port side is varnished and ready to be mounted….

And here it is in place. I have also painted the settee.

Another view of the port berth/settee. I have another blue hatch to cover the next part. It was mounted separately.

Richard bought a new tractor and he is ready to pull…

All loaded up and ready to go.

We had to wait for the crane to be ready, so it took another day before we could go….

But finally, here she is in the water. July 5th, 2005. We put the main mast up right away, but waited with the mizzen mast.


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