13 Mounting longer traveller for the jib sheets

I bought long travellers for the jib sheets with cars that can be adjusted from the cockpit.


I have cars both for the jib sheet and the Genua sheet. They are from Ronstan, see:


The  question is how to mount the traveller (I have 3 m). Inside or outside the shrouds?


I normally pass outside the shrouds on the way to the cockpit, so the inner alternative appears best… However, I should perhaps try to make a deck drawing and check the jib angles.

I did select the inner alternative and cut the travellers about at the top shrouds.


Mounting the travellers in plenty of rubber adhesive.


Detail. The holes (57 on each side!) was prepared by first getting the foam out around the holes, then filling with (lots of…) epoxy, then drilling down the center.


The final positioning can be seen here (the cars are not in place yet).


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