10 Rebuilding the galley

I Have a Taylor 030 paraffin stove with oven and in order to mount this, I need to rebuild the galley….

Removing the old galley was easy once the screws could be removed…some of them were stuck though…


Finally all was gone


Starting with the kitchen top. I used the old one as a template and made a new one out of thick teak.


On the work bench…


All holes cut and edges glued on.


The ice box was mounted once the big board was moved inside the boat. Here the whole lot is in place.



Behind the original drawers there was a big space, which will now be a storage space, accessible through a hatch at the top (Pictures before and after).



Here the side and back panels are tested before varnishing. The back panel is sloping in so that the cooker has space to swing.


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