19 Fixing up the cabin 2015-17

The teak surfaces hade a thin layer of varnish/oil since the boat was new. I found it difficult to keep them clean, so I gave all surfaces 5 layers of varnish. How they are shiny and easy to wipe clean.

I also mounted a radio/hifi in the ceiling (can be seen in the picture above to the right).

The ceiling and hull sides have a soft material that I first thought of removing. However I fond a paint that adheres well to the material, so all I hade to do was to wipe the material off with alcohol (denatured) and then roll on the paint. Th results is a much lighter and fresher looking interior.

2014-03-29 17.37.20

In the toilet compartment and in the pantry, I had to cut the material under the deck in order to mount the jib halyard track. The screws from this also meant the the cover was mounted lower, creating a gap (not very good looking.). I removed the material from the cabin side and built up a lower edge, so that the cover could be mounted flush with this. I then glued new material on the cabin side,

The end result is this (toilet compartment). Now I can open the cover to access the bolts without cutting the material.

2017-06-14 19.33.37

In the pantry, I mounted tiles where the cocker is and on the cockpit side:

Finally, I mounted new LED lights in the pantry and toilet compartment and replaced the mirror there.