10 Status summer 2005

The summer of 2005 ….. most things are in place… Check out these pictures!

Most of the quipment on deck is in place, including the spray protections with the name…

Both sails have protective covers.

Both foresails are on rollers.(note the new boom arrangement)

The wheel is backwards, but it works fine – common in bigger sailing ships…

Here is a better view of the new foresail boom. It is based on a produkt developed by Garry Hoyt in the US.

A real dorade vent gives air to the cabin. The hand rails are new.

The electric engine does not take up much space.

The black box is the back of the control for the engine. The grey box contains the electronics for the charging mechanism (works from ~4.5 knots)

One of the 2 battery banks….

You can put a lot of beer here…

Looking at the inside. The forepeak contains a double berth to starboard.

The dinettte table starboard side) can be lowered to form a double berth.

The aft backrest can be lowered. Length is thus 2m+

A temporary galley is in place. There will be cupboards and drawers beneith it.

The dinette looks inviting…

There is a dinghy too..

Interior plan.


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